We here at Madison are continually striving to inspire our students to become adults who will strengthen the fabric of Jewish life and thus ensure the future of Judaism and the Jewish people. Our religious school curriculum includes teaching our children Jewish values, history, culture, holidays, about Israel and, importantly, to read Hebrew prayers and take part in Shabbat worship services and prayers.

The goal of The Hebrew School program at Madison Jewish Center is to instill within our students a feeling of pride in themselves, helping them to experience a sense of accomplishment in their studies, to take pleasure in learning about our Heritage and have the benefit of being a part of the Madison Jewish Center community.  We want our students to come away from their childhood education in our Hebrew School by growing into adults who are comfortable within, knowledgeable about and totally at ease in the Jewish surroundings of the Synagogue.  Above all we want them to be dedicated to a lifetime of Jewish learning, commitment and practice. 


Classes are held on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, from 4:00– 6:00pm. All students are expected to attend the Junior Congregation services on Saturdays, at 10:30am.  Our Step-Up  class (ages 4-5)and our Gan class (ages 6-7) meet on Monday.  These students are introduced to the traditional Shabbat and holiday celebrations with song, hands on activities, and games.

Principal  – Rabbi Shae J. Kane, D.D.

Education Committee Chair: Ellen Green