All our students in all the grades learn about the holidays, and the weekly Parashah.  Each week, during the last half hour of our Wednesday session, the students are all involved in a Kabbalat Shabbat which includes prayers over their grape juice and Hallah.

For Hebrew language instruction our staff focuses on the needs of the students.


Classes in reading and writing are ability based, across the grades.  Tutoring is available, during the Hebrew School hours, for students who require it.


In addition to the study of holidays, Parashah and Ethics:

  • Our youngest students, who are in the Step Up Class and the Gan Class learn The Aleph Bet through song, stories and hands on activities.
  • Alef Class learns Hebrew language (written and oral) and beginners reading
  • The Bet and Gimel Classes learn intermediate reading and language and  T’fillah
  • The Daled and Hei classes study advanced reading and language, T’fillah, Mitzvot, and T’fillin and Tallitot use.
  • The Vav Class (post graduates) continue the studies begun in Hei, including discussion and thought provoking activities

Our Cantor works with the Daled, Hei and Vav students to prepare them for their B’nei Mitzvah.